The essence of BUENAVIDA is to look after yourself, and keep in shape with fresh, healthy food and take regular exercise like yoga and surf. Also treating yourself to a relaxing and invigorating massage will boost your feel good factor.

Treat yourself to a massage @ BUENAVIDA

El Palmar has a lot to offer to holiday makers, sun, sea, sand and surf and of course the ubiquitous mojitos. During the summer months it is a top destination for Spaniards and many Europeans too, full of ambiance and lively beach bars. At BUENAVIDA we do things differently, with a human touch and an emphasis on the good life! We believe that balance is important that’s why we offer activities that other places don’t. Our in house masseuse is available during the day and afternoon to look after you. She has a University degree in physiotherapy and in depth knowledge of alternative therapies, so whatever your aliment of need she’ll be on hand to sort you out.

Please feel free to pop in and get an appointmnet, you can also call her or send a what’s app message. If she’s busy treating someone she might not be able to take your call so please be patient and persist.

You can get the number clicking here.

EL PALMAR Southern Europe´s No. 1 surf spot

El Palmar is well recognised as a surf destination, with many people coming over for intensive surf camps, or to ave a few beginners classes during their holidays. Our in house Surf School On the Spot offers classes for the summer season. As does our neighbouring school South Coast.

Please feel free to get in contact:


On the Spot

South Coast

Yoga clases @ BUENAVIDA EL Palmar

In BUENAVIDA El Palmar we have an area dedicated to yoga and physical exercise, for stretching and sports preparation. We call it the circle, made like a roundhouse so that the energy may flow freely between during group activities.

We will publish further details towards the summer months once we are fully open.